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Cultural Affairs Bureau,hsinchu City
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         The Cultural Affairs Bureau, Hsinchu City experienced many challenges and setbacks in the process of growing from a cultural center with little resources into its current vibrant form. Today, we have evolved beyond the passive role of a local library to become the driving force in the development of local arts and culture. Instead of merely organizing cultural performances, we have inspired local residents to participate in community development and heritage conservation. By cultivating the fine arts, we have reawakened an interest in local culture once more. Where there was disorganization and confusion, there is now a local center for local archives and a cradle for cultivating experts in cultural history. Today, we have overcome shortages in funding for hardware by taking to the streets and becoming involved in the community. This has opened up new frontiers and we are now continuing to lobby for more funding so we can provide residents with even better services.
          Since our creation, the Cultural Affairs Bureau, Hsinchu City has actively organized all kinds of different activities to become a catalyst for change in city life through social education, highlighting local specialties and promoting local culture. In the future, we will continue to balance tradition with innovation, as well as the exclusive with the popular in planning various art and cultural activities. We will also work to build community consensus and cultivate local arts & culture in order to inspire local residents to love the city, improve the quality of life, enhance the standard of culture and make Hsinchu a city of culture.

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