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Cultural Affairs Bureau,hsinchu City
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If traveling by train, after exiting the Hsinchu Train Station follow Dongda Rd. You should see the Bureau of Cultural Affairs shortly before you reach Jingguo Rd.

Transportation: Hsinchu Train Station | Hsinchu Bus | King Bus | Taoyuan International Airport 

  1.  It takes about 20 minutes to walk to the Bureau from the train station.
  2.  Hsinchu City Bus: Route 12.  Free Hsinchu City Bus: Route 55.

  3.  After exiting the freeway at the Hsinchu Interchange, continue on towards the city center. Go on to the viaduct when you see it and keep going towards the city center (along Dongda Rd.) then turn left at the first set of traffic lights (Beida Rd.). Continue on then turn right into Yanyi Rd and you will arrive at the Bureau.
  4.  From the airport take No. 4 National Freeway. Connect to the No. 1 National Freeway then head south. Exit at the Hsinchu Interchange.