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Cultural Affairs Bureau,hsinchu City
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* The centennial celebration of Hsinchu Train Station
DATE:2013/4/1 Publishing:General Affairs Office
  Officially in operation in March 31, 1913, the Hsinchu Train Station
celebrated its 100th year old birthday on Sunday along with Grand
Central Terminal in New York, Tokyo Train Station in Japan and Beitou
Train Station in New Taipei City.
City Councilman Hsu, Shin-Feng, Tseng, Tzu-Chen, Chen, Chi-Yuan, Wu,
Chin-Shan and lawmaker Lyu, Shuei-Chang were also present on the

Matsugasaki Tsumumnaga, a Japanese architect, was the one who designed
the Hsinchu Train Stationhad a very close connection with theJapanese Emperor, and his great grandson, Mr. Takeda Tsuneyasu, was
also invited to participate in the celebration.

The President of the MAT, Metro-North Railroad, Mr. Howard Permut,
also send blessings from New York, saying that “Congratulations on the
one hundredth anniversary of Hsinchu City Train Station, both of us
can share in the pride of knowing our institutions have provided an
invaluable service to our respective regions for over a century”

There were a lots senior citizens participating in the celebration,
one of whom, Mr. Huang said that the Hsinchu Train Station has brought
him back a lot of memories.
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