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Cultural Affairs Bureau,hsinchu City
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Glass Museum of Hsinchu City
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  Address: No.2, Sec.1, Dongda Road, Hsinchu City.
  Telephone: 03-5626091
  Opening Time: Tuesday to Sunday 09:00-17:00 Ticketing Time 09:00~16:30
  Ticket Price: Full Price NT$20
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  Glass Museum of Hsinchu City Glass Museum located in the Northwest direction of Hsinchu Park was opened officially on December 18, 1999. Glass Museum was reconstructed from the Autonomous Club House, which was built in 1936 for use of lodging and feasting when Japanese royal family and government officials came to Taiwan to make the rounds. A home recreational atmosphere pervades both the garden outside and the space and setting inside, much suited to the exquisite and delicate features of glass craft. The job of directing the reconstruction and displaying the planning of the whole Autonomous Club House was appointed to the architect Tieh-Nan Chi and Professor Kuo-Ning Chen. The museum has retained the European style of oriental modern architecture through the standing bricks on the southeast corner of the building and the classical image of the foyer. After combining different requirements of diversified users toward the museum as the longitude and analyzing the five service functions of the museum (administration, exhibition, collection, educational learning, and public service) as the latitude, the environment condition of the museum was established according to them. The establishment of Glass Museum is aimed at combining cultural and sightseeing resources to help promoting the glass industry of Hsinchu and to let the public and businessmen participate in and understand the exploration and application of the glass industry in Hsinchu. Besides displaying glass artifacts, the museum also promotes workshop learning actively. The public can go further by touching and creating their own works besides the visual appreciation,and get another kind of amazement brought by glass creations.